Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why does this remind me of my wife? Is it 'cus she can kick my ass ten times over before dawn?

i loves Roz supermuch.......
Entirely too many things going through my head at one time, at times when I need to be at ease and resting. Making me extremely mad at myself for being unable to regulate what occur in my own head. Super ultra mad. Is this normal?

You have kids? I always feel guilty as hell when I go out and do something and leave my son at home with mom. Mom needs rest and Vinnie needs playtime with dad. But as my passion for a certain hobby has been rekindled, I wonder - is that normal? Do I get a life of my own, or is it Vinnie 24/7 until he can cook the mac and cheese himself?

I wonders....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My wife is this close to declaring jihad on her workplace. And I support that. Because from what I understand and have observed, the place is staffed by the barely-mediocre and the mildly retarded. Go, Roz, go!!!!