Monday, October 23, 2006

My. Back. Hurts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am over-motivated. And excessively dedicated.

And I'm comfortable with that. It works for me....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My wife has duty. And I'm home alone. With Vinnie. And his gums hurt. And he's taking it out on me.

Forehead rubs and powernaps, kids. Forehead rubs and powernaps.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All you immature bastards who rock Anti-Flag while driving your mom's car to the punk rawk show- knock it the fuck off. It's irritating.

And Anti-Flag blows. Instead of taking a stand against our nation as a whole, why not exploit the potential for good that lies in each and every American?

And you kids - quit letting all these cookie-cutter ass bands make up your minds for you. If God wanted you to think like your favorite band, he woulda put you in the band and removed your brain. But he didn't. So go. Think. Mull thing over. Reach your own damn conclusion.

And always keep this little tidbit in the back of your mind - only in the U.S. can you call your band Anti-Flag, shit on the troops and make major-label releases while doing it. They don't let you do that in other countries. You know why? Because as fucked up as we are, we're still better.

bm2 say grr.....grrrrr...

Intrusive leadership is a relatively new concept that the Navy is propagating among the E-7 and above caste. The thrust is this - know what your sailors are doing, at all times, and get involved. Direct them. Guide them. Mentor them.

On it's face, it seems like something long overdue. Something that needs to be standardized, taught, and used aggressively. But the fact that this has become a leadership tool tells me that the Navy, instead of pushing responisbility downwards, into the E-4 and below groups, is consolodating it. It's rapidly getting to the point where us blueshirts will have no credibility. It seems to me that my beloved Navy has lost it's faith in the very men and women who form it's backbone - young, motivated, idealistic men and women, who, through a few bad choices made by a minority of servicemembers. How are my subordinates supposed to stay motivated when they have their judgement questioned every day? I think we ought to return to the rough and tumble days of the pre-1996 Navy, when a Third Class had clout and and Second Classes ran the decks free of interruptions, when the BM1s and Chiefs could do what they needed to do knowing the the ship was in good hands. But no......that would be too easy. Gone are the days of the "Sea Daddy" and the trusty shaleleigh.

two steps forward, one jillion steps back...... grrrr......

Friday, October 06, 2006

In the U.S. Navy, we call it a dewski. Or jihad beer.

i have this huge crush on mountain dew.....

It's Friday. My day off. And I'm at work. Before the duty section. So I can escort the new CO and his family around the forecastle. And the messdecks are closed. So I can't get coffee. To sum up ;